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Together we will rebuild Australia through Community Collaboration!

The aims of the Community Collaborators Pty Ltd is to bring a variety of projects to fruition which will generate sustainable employment opportunities within our local communities. These projects are based upon the principals of community ownership and involvement. The small business communities and local and state government resources will be part of the solution.

The Community Collaborators seeks to bridge the gap between Government and Business within our communities.

The purpose of The Community Collaborators is to develop projects based around Community Investment that will enhance the financial strength and long term health of local economies.

These projects require the collaboration of members of our local communities, Local Government, State Government and a cooperative input by Federal Government as we enter a new phase in our economic journey after the impact of Covid-19.

As yet we have not seen the fall out from the current Covid-19 crisis but as sure as god made little green apples it will be upon us and to rebuild our communities will require a new model, based upon community collaboration within our local communities. We will have to rebuild from the ground up and learn not to rely on outside influence for our financial security.

Here are some projects which if initiated will create jobs for Australians and make our nation a better place to live in.

Shop Local Project.

Covid-19; Small to Medium sized Enterprise, Advisory/support and crisis centre.

Community owned Micro-grids project.

A Plan to make the development of value added food processing for export, work!

Ensure every high school student has access to a computer after school hours.

A National Reforestation Strategy.

A Plan to create a viable recycling industry.

Film: A Castle, The Medi-evil Nightmare.

Our themes are to develop a shop local culture. Through creating a culture of shop local we will create jobs within our local communities for the people who live with us. In turn these people will earn wages which have a five fold benefit over the current government model of utilising outside contractors, because these new jobs will allow more money to be spent locally. This is called Commerce, instead of economics.

We need to encourage and develop pathways so as people can invest locally, so as to nurture our communities through community collaboration. By developing these pathways for local investment by people who live locally we can redirect the flow of money that is currently controlled by large superannuation funds and directed towards large corporations. These funds need to come back into smaller locally owned enterprises. Through local expertise and involvement, these enterprises can outperform the rates of return currently offered by the large corporations.

Our method is to develop pathways to interconnections through cooperation between our government structures and our local communities with a philosophy of community collaboration. The way our current legislation and taxation is formed will require adjustment so as to facilitate a greater level of community investment and involvement in how our money is spent.